The Why:

A survey was taken of candidates that participated in currently available review courses prior to the November 2020 ABPS Oral Examination.


The majority of those surveyed stated the current courses did not have a positive impact on the examination day or results, nor did they provide study materials or techniques relevant to taking the actual oral exam.


Additionally, candidates reported dissatisfaction with spending, on average, over $1,900 and dozens of hours on the currently-available review courses. This demonstrates that an alternative version of the Oral Board review course is needed.

An Alternative:

The Certified Course was created with these concerns in mind to promote a successful Oral Board Examination experience and ABPS Board Certification. Some course features include:

  • Moderated group-study sessions with instruction, outlines, and examples of how to actively practice and simulate Theory and Practice portion of the examination;

  • On-to-one Theory and Practice sessions with coaching and debriefing;  

  • Personalized review and simulated Q&A sessions with candidate Case Reports;

  • Sessions on markings, drawing, and explaining multiple high-yield craniofacial, cleft lip/palate, and general plastic surgery procedures; and

  • Tutorials on utilizing virtual platform annotations and outline functions.

What does it cost?

We believe in transparent pricing, no gimmicks, and no hidden fees (extra microphones, lights, etc).

Course fees are:

$595.00 for Case Report review

$595.00 forTheory and Practice sessions

and $1,050.00 for both.


Candidates who do not pass the ABPS Oral Board Examination will receive a full refund of course fees as well as complimentary course enrollment the following year.