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Mommy Makeover

Who gets a mommy makeover?

- A mommy makeover, is a very common procedure for women of all ages. There are several different versions of this procedure in the tummy (including mini-tuck, full, or float), breast (lift, augmentation with implants, fat grafting, etc), and other procedures like SAFE lipo, areolar reduction, etc. The type of procedure that is best for you is determined by you and your surgeon after performing a physical exam.


- Most women (not necessarily exclusive to moms) are between 20-50 years old, and have been thinking about having surgery for weeks to months, sometimes even years. This is becoming a very popular procedure for women after pregnancy due to a few medical benefits that may come along with the procedure in addition to the already amazing cosmetic results. They can include: improving posture/core alignment, decreasing stress urinary incontinence, fixing any hernias or rectus diastasis, and decreasing back pain.


- The cosmetic benefits of the tummy surgery typically include removing excess skin, stretch marks, performing liposuction to enhance contour, and achieving an hourglass figure.

The cosmetic benefits of the breast surgery include reshaping drooping skin, enhancing breast volume/shape and changing the size of the areola (pigmented area around nipple).

What are my surgical options?

- The tummy portion of the mommy makeover can include: 

Mini: This is for patients who have most of their extra skin/fatty tissue below their belly button. It does not address core tightening, and does not help extra skin/fatty tissue above the belly button.

Float: This is between a mini and full, and is for patients who have a high umbilicus and long torso. The core can be tightened, with this surgery, and it is best for people who have mild excess above the belly button.

Full: This is the gold standard for tummy tuck, and it usually involves removal of extra skin and fatty tissue both above and below the belly button, core tightening, and adjusting the belly button to fit your new shape.

- The breast portion of the procedure can include a breast lift to remove extra skin and correct drooping, and then adding an implant or fat grafting to enhance shape. 

- The procedure takes around 5-6 hrs total (less for mini, more for full with liposuction), and is an outpatient surgery (go home the same day), usually within an hour or two after the surgery.

What is involved in the process?


Step 1: Contact us! We'd love to hear from you! Our team will schedule your visit for a time that is convenient for you.

Step 2: Meet our team to hear about the options for a mommy makeover, and receive your personalized quote. This consult usually takes around 1 hour. We will discuss your medical history, and take photographs and measurements in order to accurately present the surgical options.

Step 3: Consider your options and decide which one is right for you. OF COURSE if you have any additional questions, please call us. We are always happy to review the information or send you more details.

Step 4: Approximately 10-14 days before surgery we will meet with you again to review the information, finalize any financial arrangements, and make sure your prescriptions, garments, are 100% taken care of, and any last-minute questions are answered.

Step 5: On the day of surgery, we like to make things as simple as possible. No complicated paperwork, no last minute changes, just a safe, comfortable environment to foster relaxation, and healing; and to make sure you have the best possible outcome.

That's it! You are done! We will see you back several times post-op to make sure you are doing well, and healing as expected. Welcome to your new body! You are going to love the way you look!